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Make a Positive Impact on a Homeless Pet



Volunteer your time and help a cat feel loved in their time of need. At CIHS, we welcome people who want to make sure homeless pets in our community get the love and care they need and deserve. When you volunteer at our humane society, you're able to feed feral cats and care for the animals we have in our facility. All throughout the Avalon, California, area, animals are in need of someone like you to help them out.

Lend Your Time to a Loving Pet

Animals from all over the area count on us to keep them healthy and happy. With your help, we can reach out to more cats that are lost and need to be cared for. We have a trailer of kittens in one room, while the other one has the cats that stay with us. Ensure these animals find a home, even sooner by helping us tend to their needs.

Attending to the Needs of an Animal

You'll spend your time as a volunteer with a loving animal that wants a chance at a happy life. While caring for them, you are able to clean up the cat's area, clean around the clinic area, care for their needs, and even play with the kittens. By providing social interaction with a young animal, they will be more willing to be playful as desirable for a family searching for a pet. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can help.

People with Cats