Meet Spot

This cat is very playful. Wants to chase and play with everything. Loves life.

Shelter environments can be very stressful for a cat. It’s possible that this cat will learn to love the person who adopts it and become more affectionate.

More than likely this cat will be a playmate, and a roommate, but will not be a lover/cuddling cat.

This cat is looking for a home with someone that wants a low maintenance animal to keep them company, but not be all over them. Somewhere she could live out her life with a human who will let her chase things, and also give her her space. This cat has a high prey drive and will love to chase anything you roll for her. Great cat, just does not want to be pet. She shows no signs of aggression. Does not hiss or swipe, simply doesn’t want to be touched. Again, in a calmer environment where she bonds with someone, this could change. Please give her a chance!