Yoda & Cessna


Meet Yoda & Cessna

Yoda is a female Grey and White Tuxedo Cat that was afraid of the world! She was so scared of other cats that she wouldn’t leave her box, so we had to move her into an area alone. After a year of being solitary, Cessna (brown,grey,black tabby cat) came into her life! He started visiting her door every chance he got, won her over, and now the lovebirds get to spend every day together! Yoda has really come out of her shell with her confident buddy by her side. Yoda got her name because she keeps her ears back a lot and looks like Yoda! And Cessna earned his name because he was rescued as a kitten from “The airport in the sky” on Catalina. We would like to see these two adopted together. They would be suitable for an indoor-only home with no other pets. Pay only one adoption fee, and take home both the rambunctious Cessna, and his counterpart Yoda (shy and reserved)